Prefixy is a highly scalable, query optimized hosted prefix search service for building autocomplete suggestions.

  • Conducted a thorough data structures and algorithms analysis to return suggestions from memory in O(1) time.
  • Utilized asynchronous, batched Redis calls in order to provide non-blocking writes.
  • Implemented multi-tenancy by utilizing JSON web tokens, Redis namespacing, and MongoDB collections.
  • Designed and implemented the system architecture which includes two Node/Express servers, Redis, MongoDB, a CLI, and a JavaScript client.
  • Presented a talk about how we built Prefixy, entitled "Building Prefix Search As A Service", at various Bay Area tech meet ups.

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In order to learn React, I along with two other developers built a React clone of Trello, a highly interactive drag and drop project management app created by Fog Creek Software.


Demo Github


gettit is a Rails app inspired by reddit, where users can submit posts in different categories, comment on them, and upvote/downvote them.